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We provide a number of bodywork services including sports, physical and manual type modalities. These are provided with the awareness that the body is a reflection of mental and emotional patterns. In other words the body is a complete reflection of the mind. This provides the client with a truly integrated program of treatment and therefore is client specific rather than generic. We also provide physical rehabilitation treatments and programs to get you back to full fitness.

Axiatonal Realignment

Axiatonal Realignment is an energetic reconnection therapy. The physical body is the lower/final/densest manifestation of the Human Electromagnetic Field. Each one of us is an energy gradient and up till this point in our evolution have largely ignored higher frequency vibrations/aspects of ourselves and therefore "descended" into lower vibrations. We have been functioning as a closed system, as a mind and a body. Axiatonal Realignment effectively reconnects higher aspects of ourselves and allows renewing energies into the body. More information...

Lifestyle Practitioner

Most healing can be done during bodywork and energetic therapies. Sometimes however it is necessary to go into more details about creative and know thyself principles so greater understanding can be integrated into the client's life. It is possible then for the client to move on in their own process so that a more beneficial and healthy lifestyle can be achieved and maintained. As a lifestyle practitioner it is my privilege to help you through this process.

Additional Services

We also can provide additional services such as soul contract, numerology and gene profiling reviews giving the client a life path to follow that is directly connected to the genetic vehicle their consciousness inhabits. This means that over the long term they have a guide to where they are going and what issues may come up if they spend too much time in "fragmented mind energies"

Know Thyself Workshops & Seminars

It is important at this particular stage in our evolution that we re-orientate our awareness from external stimuli to our internal domain. Our personal world is a direct reflection of our ability to be unconscious or conscious creators. This in turn is affected by how well we know ourselves and can operate our vehicle/consciousness in harmony with universal principles. Our know thyself workshops and seminars provide understandings, teachings and practical sessions to help the client move through life with greater ease and grace.

Know Thyself Retreats

Coming soon!! Our know thyself retreats will be held in the Alpujarras Mountains. If you want to express an interest please contact us.
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What are our clients saying about us?

I went to see David about a complex back problem and had some Myofascial Release sessions which I got great benefit from. As MFR is not easily available in my home town in the UK, I considered myself extremely fortunate to have found someone with such a high level of training and experience. His abilities and knowledge instilled great confidence in me along with his amiable attitude. I would definitely still be having more sessions if I was still in the area. After the sessions I felt much more movement and ease in my sacral and lumbar areas.

Shivani Sarah Fox

Kambo Practitioner
David treated my son age 5 who had severe pain in his hip. Using gentle treatment which my son could tolerate, and working with his awareness of the emotional routes of the problem, he managed to release the muscles which were making walking difficult. With just one treatment, my son was walking normally again. Furthermore I also had a course of treatments with David in which he effectively addressed painful and chronic muscular tension in my neck and shoulder. The treatments not only dealt with the pain but also provided an outlet for what was internally and emotionally being held in my body and in this way initiated a deeper level of healing . I felt very supported throughout this process. In addition to this, he showed me techniques of self massage which I use regularly and find extremely useful. A highly recommended treatment! 

Aya Glover


Wanting to express my gratitude to David for the wonderful sessions you have given me. Whilst I appreciated the technical expertise of our first session and your skill at reading my posture and working with trigger points and stretches it has been the myofascial work that has touched me deeply. As a body worker myself, I am often disappointed with the sessions I receive but this work was just what my body was craving. The slow gentle holding that allowed my tissues to unwind and the emotions stored within them to release was such a joy for me. I felt like you were listening deeply to my inner world – I felt seen, heard and in some way ‘met’. It felt as though I could fully let go and allow whatever came, knowing that it would not be judged and would be totally welcome in the space. The combination of structural understanding and gentle holding you offer is definitely something special.


Mary Amethyst Lomax

Massage Therapist


Empowering you to understand and download your true nature

Axiatonal Realignment Therapy

Axiatonal Realignment therapy will reconnect you to higher aspects of self. Many people feel disconnected from life because of the severing of axiatonal lines in the “Great Fall”. This disconnection is very real and happened many lifetimes ago. The Fall was a fall in consciousness and awareness as humanity were ‘persuaded’ to take a certain […]

The Second Brain is Reawakening

Growing awareness that the Second Brain in the gut area is not just responsible for digestion is becoming more widespread. Lack of personal awareness in this area is at least partially implicated in many brain disorders and has lead scientists to understand what Taoists and Yogis have been saying for thousands of years. Without bringing […]

Endocrine System Balance

The endocrine system is the link between the physical body and our subtle bodies. If we are to remain healthy and vibrant it is necessary to have an efficiently working endocrine system. To have an endocrine system that is working in balance we must keep all our energetic bodies in harmony. All the great masters […]

Yoga Wisdom or Confusion?

What is yoga and how can people understand this discipline in an era when maya or illusion has been so strong? In Psalm 46.10 of the King James Bible, we read “Be still, and know that I am God…….” In those few words the science of yoga can be understood just as it can be […]

Awareness of Cellular Memory

The awareness of cellular memory and the implications of this important mechanism is very important if we are to understand who we are. Cellular memory contains the complete blue print of our existence (past lives too!). Every cell in the body contains this blueprint. We could call it ‘mind’. This includes both the higher and […]

From Chaos to Love

Chaos is the best thing to happen in your life! Chaos comes about when your existing beLIEf system cannot cope with the stimuli from your environment. It is what happens when you are pushed over the edge or beyond your threshold. It is the way organic systems such as human beings re-pattern themselves to be […]

Transmutation of the Mind

An individuals reality is what his mind thinks. It is created from within his own being. By thinking higher quality thoughts in every moment and how one perceives life will create a higher reality. Men and Women are growth or evolution itself. Alternatively they can drop below the consciousness levels of wild beasts reacting to […]

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